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Located in Western North Carolina, Tri-County Motor Speedway is a 4/10 mile banked asphalt track racing weekly on Friday night as it has for most of it's existence.  A NASCAR Home Track facility, TCMS features Late Models as it's premier division and has been a proving ground for many of today's rising talents.

Come check out the action at TCMS, 5 minutes from I-40 in Hudson, NC.



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The Official Host Hotel of TCMS

Quality Inn in Hickory, North Carolina is the official hotel of Tri-County Motor Speedway. The hotel is next to the Hickory Regional Airport on Highway 321. The drive time to Tri-County Motor Speedway is 20 minutes.  Please contact Wendi Boyd (Director of Sales) at (828)431-2100 for the special Tri-County Motor Speedway rate.



NWAAS Week 10 Continues Action At Tri-County Motor Speedway

By Mark Baute


Hudson, North Carolina (June 27, 2008) - Weather struck first after practice was about to be completed.  Race teams and fans waited out the weather for a couple hours. As soon as the track was dried up the show got started. A two hour delay forced race officials to shuffle the field of cars based on points and inverted the top 6 in each class.


Joining the race was the East Coast Flat Head Fords, with treaded tires, the Flat Head Fords paved the way for racing.  Hard racing throughout the field showed the NC4 car come across the finish line first.


The Red Baron Race Parts Hobby Stock class showed only four cars but made up for it by racing side by side for first place for nearly two thirds of the race.  Brad Ballard jumped out front to start the race, but with problems in the car was forced to pull into the pits.  Jimmy Whisnant and Scott Bumgarner had been battling behind Ballard for second but when Ballard pulled off, Whisnant and Bumgarner went side by side passing each other on inside and out. Whisnant finished first, Bumgarner second, Carroll McKinney third and Ballard fourth.


The NASCAR Whelen Late Models was one of the best this year.  With a six car invert in points put Josh Goble on the inside pole.  An early mistake on lap 10 had Lee Tissot, RA Brown, Andy Loden and Kevin Leicht tangled up, all four drivers are top four in points.  Andy Loden had the least damage, after a short pit to fix any damage by each of the cars, they all started rear of the field. On the restart, Lucas Ransone took away first position and began his trek on pulling away from the field.  Tissot then got tangled with teammate Stan Robinson on lap 13 throwing a second caution. Ransone ran away again on the second restart while Loden, Brown and Leicht continued to make their way through the pack.  Jesse LeFevers and Grant Wimbish battled hard for second place for a majority of the race. Loden and Brown showed how well that their cars handled moving swiftly around everyone joining the front of the pack when Grant Wimbish blew a right rear tire on the backstretch.  On the restart, Loden cleared the field and pressured Ransone for the lead eventually taking it on lap 43. Brown was right behind him, but Ransone held on for second place. Brown, Leicht and LeFevers rounded out the top 5.


In the Baton Tire Street Stock class, two early cautions by Jack Kessler kept the field intact early.  As one of the cautions was called, four drivers were side by side coming out of turn four and down the front stretch. A caution late in the race by Mike Hatton let the field pile back together for a 5 lap dash.  Terrence Tucker, Marshall Sutton and Jeff Sparks battled the final five laps. Jeff Sparks would have won a Hard Charger award tonight by starting 13th and moving all the way to 3rd by the end of the race. Tucker, Sutton, Sparks, Jonathon Smith and Chris Townsend rounded out the top 5.

The Pepsi Limited Late Models had action from front to back.  An early caution involving Chris Phipps and Scott Franklin put both drivers to the rear and made room for Franklin, last weeks winner, to make his way back to the top. Jason Crouse chased Josh Wright up front for nearly the whole race as Wright made his way to the finish line first, Crouse and Kevin Townsend were close behind. Tyler Church and Mike Eplee made late passes on laps 28 and 29 to both get around Bill Cassavaugh for fourth and fifth positions in the 30 lap feature.


The Road Rage group put on a show.  Cars spinning, beating and banging for 10 laps of action. A restart with 3 to go had 3 cars left standing.  The cars stayed together for the 3 laps and Mark Baute went spinning across the finish line into the wall for first. Larry Johnson second, Jim Weatherford third.


Next week come on out to Tri-County Motor Speedway. We will be having the Mountain Dew 200 Lap Late Model Feature. Joining them will be the Pepsi Limited Late Models, Baton Tire Street Stocks, Red Baron Race Parts Hobby Stocks.


Tune in to our website for more information or call us at (828)726-6600 with any questions or ideas.



Tri-County Motor Speedway Race Results

Friday, June 27, 2008

Late Model Stock

1.  Andy Loden #29

2.  Lucas Ransone #00

3.  RA Brown #60

4.  Kevin Leicht #2

5.  Jesse LeFevers #43

6.  Josh Goble #7

7.  Grant Wimbish #57

8.  Lee Tissot #55

9.  Tyler Green #20

10. Monty Cox #21

11. Nick Waycaster #32

12. Stan Robinson #53

13. Tyler Church #29c

14. Jimmy Simmons #48

Pepsi Limited Late Model Stock

1.   Josh Wright #94

2.   Jason Crouse #28

3.   Kevin Townsend #9

4.   Tyler Church #07

5.   Mike Eplee #86

6.   Bill Cassavaugh #21

7.   Scott Franklin #7

8.   David Currier Jr #04

9.   Brandon Cox #14

10. Justin Sorrow #32

11. Brad Berg #4

12. Chris Phipps #37

13. Cory Joyce #33

14. Bryant Wallace #98

Baton Tire Street Stock

1.   Terrence Tucker #42

2.   Marshall Sutton #64

3.   Jeff Sparks #71

4.   Jonathon Smith #99

5.   Chris Townsend #21

6.   Josh Burchette #88

7.   Waylon Flynn #55

8.   David Smith #40

9.   Kevin Eby #03

10. Kody Townsend #10

11. Gary Deitz #33

12. Mike Hatton #12

13. Chris Kidd #7

14. Adam Hatton #24

15. Greg Grindstaff #3

16. Jack Kessler #54

Red Baron Race Parts Hobby Stock

1.      Jimmy Whisnant #11

2.      Scott Bumgarner #3

3.      Carroll McKinney #55

4.      Brad Ballard #4

Road Rage

1.      Mark Baute #BR549

2.      Larry Johnson #69

3.     Jim Weatherford

East Coast Flat Head Fords

1.      #NC4

2.      #6

3.      #55

4.      #99

5.      #31

6.      #9

7.      #19

8.      #00

9.     #6A




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