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Tri-County Motor Speedway

Hudson, North Carolina


Located in Western North Carolina, Tri-County Motor Speedway is a 4/10 mile banked asphalt track racing weekly on Friday night as it has for most of it's existence.  A NASCAR Home Track facility, TCMS features Late Models as it's premier division and has been a proving ground for many of today's rising talents.

Come check out the action at TCMS, 5 minutes from I-40 in Hudson, NC.



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The Official Host Hotel of TCMS

Quality Inn in Hickory, North Carolina is the official hotel of Tri-County Motor Speedway. The hotel is next to the Hickory Regional Airport on Highway 321. The drive time to Tri-County Motor Speedway is 20 minutes.  Please contact Wendi Boyd (Director of Sales) at (828)431-2100 for the special Tri-County Motor Speedway rate.



Attention All Competitors


First of all I would like to thank everyone who has participated at Tri-County Motor Speedway so far this season and if you haven’t visited us yet this season I invite you to visit us on a Friday night. I want to thank everyone for their patience as we have worked hard to get a new crew of officials familiar with our system and working with each of you who compete with us.


Our new technical director Kenny Sigmon has inherited the title of race director at TCMS and has done a very good job of listening to our competitors and offering suggestions to ensure things go as smooth as possible for each of you on race night and has worked to make sure that we have a fair and level playing field for each of you in your respective division.


We have made minor adjustments to our rule book that is posted on the website and I also want to take the time to refresh many of you on rules that are already listed on our General Rules section that some of you have had questions about. We are listing this information in an attempt to improve communication between our officials and our competitors. We hope that this will assist you in making your experience at TCMS a more enjoyable one and that you will be able to work within our rules to protect yourself and the track from any miscommunication in the future.


I know many of you have many choices on where you can race and on behalf of TCMS owners Tony & Kim Casola I thank you for choosing TCMS. If I can be of any service to you or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime as I have an “open door” policy of communication. Please do not take rumors as fact until you speak with me. This will help things go smoothly at the track which is what I want for you as a competitor.


The updated information will be listed by division unless it is a general rule for all divisions at the track.


Thanks for your time,

Tim Southers




(All listed rules are either already listed in rulebook or addendums)

1. All cars are required to run a muffler. No exceptions. (Before you jump to conclusions the track parts supplier has a muffler that costs $15 and can easily be inserted and removed so you can compete at other tracks that do not require mufflers.

2. All Late Model competitors are required to by eight (8) gallons of track fuel at $6.25 per gallon. The Street Stock and Pepsi Super Stock competitors are required to only buy three (3) gallons of fuel. (Failure to do so will result in $50 held out of late model purse checks and $18.75 withheld in Street Stock and Pepsi Super Stock checks.

3. All cars must have minimum total weight required for their car and/or division on the left side of the hood or fender. They must also have right side weight listed as well.

4. NO PROFANITY is allowed to ANY TCMS competitor, employee, official, security personnel. I will not tolerate my officials or employees using profanity nor do I expect them to tolerate it from competitors or anyone in the pits. TCMS reserves the right to fine or revoke pit pass on any violation.

5. No intoxicating malt beverages and/or liquors or controlled substances are to be consumed before or during any race event by anyone in the pit area. Drivers assume full responsibility for actions of their crew members.

6. TCMS reserves the right to require sponsor decals on cars. Pepsi Super Stock cars are required to run PEPSI decals on windshield. Decals are provided by Pepsi and the Speedway at no cost to the competitor. Baton Tire Fast & Furious cars are required o run decals on cars. Failure to do so will make competitor subject to no post season point fund awards.

7. Any use of an unauthorized tire or tires, any competitor who treats a tire in any manner detected by TCMS Officials; disqualification, confiscate tire and wheel, fine, loss of championship points. Tire soaking will result in a $100 fine PER TIRE.


Late Model Stock Rules Addendums

1. Car height minimum is 4” on rocker panel and body and 4” at the nose.

2. All cars must have a muffler.

3. All tires used in competition either used or new MUST be purchased at the track. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Cars must complete at least 35 laps in their event to leave tires. Rule effective June 15, 2007. If a car falls out prior to completing 35 laps they can leave all four tires and use them over the next two weeks and will only be required to buy used tires over their next two races.

5. EFFECTIVE JULY 20, 2007 all Late Model Stock competitors will be required to put their new tires on the left side of the car. If a new car arrives after July 13, 2007 for the first time they will have to put the new tires on the left side of the car and put the two used on the right side of the car. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Street Stock Addendums

1. Racing Starters are allowed.

2. Aluminum water pumps are allowed. (Stock type only)

3. Car height minimum is 5” on rocker panel and body and 5” at the nose.


Super Stock Addendums

1. All cars competing with ZZ4 Crate Motor are allowed to run a 390 4bbl. Carburetor at 3,150 lbs.

2. All trunks must be enclosed in steel for safety. Magnet must stick to metal used.


Tri County Minis

1. Effective June 8, 2007 NO SUSPENSION CARS ALLOWED.


Mini Stock Division

Due to low car counts all season long, the Mini Stock division will not compete at the track until further notice.



Current Point Standings



Attention Racers:

Effective Immediately

Tri-County Motor Speedway is available for testing and/or special events.

Interested parties or series please contact Mickey @ 704.929.6666  


Tri-County Motor Speedway

4405 Hickory Nut Ridge Road

Hudson, North Carolina 28638

Office:  828-726-6600

Fax:  828-726-0800