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Located in Western North Carolina, Tri-County Motor Speedway is a 4/10 mile banked asphalt track racing weekly on Friday night as it has for most of it's existence.  A NASCAR Home Track facility, TCMS features Late Models as it's premier division and has been a proving ground for many of today's rising talents.

Come check out the action at TCMS, 5 minutes from I-40 in Hudson, NC.



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The Official Host Hotel of TCMS

Quality Inn in Hickory, North Carolina is the official hotel of Tri-County Motor Speedway. The hotel is next to the Hickory Regional Airport on Highway 321. The drive time to Tri-County Motor Speedway is 20 minutes.  Please contact Wendi Boyd (Director of Sales) at (828)431-2100 for the special Tri-County Motor Speedway rate.



Waycaster Picks up Long Overdue Win at TCMS

Hudson, North Carolina (July 14, 2006) - Nick Waycaster has struggled with bad luck all season long, but his hard work and perseverance paid off in the form of an emotional win Friday night at Tri-County Motor Speedway.


Travis Swaim was fastest in qualifying. With a lap of 16.689 on the 4/10th mile oval, but the invert put Waycaster sharing the front row with Matt Leicht.


The first dozen laps were run in the same fashion as the pace laps on the first two rows, with Leicht and Waycaster side-by-side and trading the lead back and forth, while Travis Swaim and Lee Tissott ran door-to-door and Rock Harris was trying to find an opening to join the battle.


Numerous times Swaim made attempts to go three wide coming off of turn four.  After things sorted out in the front and cars fell into single file, Waycaster had the point followed by Leicht and they were trailed by Swaim, Tissott and Harris.  Ricky Bryant was ready to make his charge toward the front while Leicht and Tissott were locked in a battle for second.  Positions were swapped lapped after lap among the second through sixth place cars and Leicht began to fall off the pace with mechanical problems.


Bryant was busy methodically taking one position at a time and when it was time to for Bryant to challenge Waycaster, he had his hands full.  Bryant took the lead with five laps to go, but Waycaster was too hungry for a win to let it get away.  One lap later Waycaster was out back out front and Bryant slipped a little, giving Waycaster a two car length advantage.


The win was emotional for Waycaster, his crew, family and fans.  Waycaster’s burn-out nearly blew his engine, but even that could not dampen the hard earned celebration held in victory lane.  Waycaster’s post race interview relayed his emotions as his voice was quivering.


Bryant came home second, Tissott third, Harris fourth and Swaim was fifth.  Travis Mosely was sixth, Josh Goble seventh, Bruce Green eighth, Eric Green ninth, and Eddy Cox was tenth.


Monty Cox picked up his fourth win of the season in the Pepsi Super Stock Challenge after starting from the seventh starting spot.  It only took Cox three laps to take the lead from Steve Parris.  Cox pulled away with the lead, while Scott Franklin was in pursuit but did not have enough to catch Cox and settled for second at the end of the 30-lap feature.  Kaleb Pressley was third, Parris fourth and Shawn Day fifth.


Waylon Flynn was credited with the Street Stock win after Donnie Buckner was disqualified after post-race inspection for not meeting the required engine specifications.  Josh Burchette moved up to take  second with Kevin Eby third, Ernie Harris fourth and Gary Lovelace fifth.


Flynn was also the winner in the Mini Stock feature followed by Randy Freeze in second, A.J. Sanders in third, Doug Setzer fourth and Tony Franklin was fifth.


Jason Garwood picked up another Fast & Furious trophy after beating Jackie Stone across the line.  Stone was second with Stephen Shore third, Stephen Clippard fourth and Nikki Long was fifth.


Drew Bagwell claimed his first win of the season in the Tri-County Minis after holding off Jeff Banks for the trophy.  Banks was second, Travis Cook third, Tim McRae fourth and Matt Sizemore was fifth.


For complete official results, in all divisions, check the Tri-County Motor Speedway web site at




Official Results July 14, 2006 Tri-County Motor Speedway 

Late Model Stock

1.     32    Nick Waycaster

2.     9      Ricky Bryant

3.     55    Lee Tissot

4.     5      Rock Harris

5.     21    Travis Swaim

6.     19    Travis Mosley

7.     7      Josh Goble

8.     11    Bruce Green

9.     95    Eric Green

10.   4      Eddy Cox

11.   55    John Reynolds, Jr.

12.   55    John Reynolds, Sr.

13.   2      Matt Leicht

14.   27    John Graham

Super Stock

1.    21   Monty Cox

2.    7     Scott Franklin

3.    54   Kaleb Pressley

4.    82   Steve Parris

5.    43   Shawn Day

6.    4     Ernie Harris

7.    03   Kevin Eby

8.    64   Marshall Sutton

9.    9     Gary Lovelace

10.  17   James Dolan

11.  11   Donnie Buckner

12.  66   Jessica Barlow

13.  54   Waylon Flynn

14.  14   Davey Smart


Street Stock

1.    54   Waylon Flynn

2.    88   Josh Burchette

3.    03   Kevin Eby

4.    4     Ernie Harris

5.    9     Gary Lovelace

6.    0     David Manis

7.    64   Marshall Sutton

8.    75   Kevin Hensley

9.    24   Adam Hatton

10.  21   Kevin Townsend

11.  05   Jeff Byers

12.  33   Gary Dietz

13.  69   Jeff Campbell

14.  11   Donnie Bucker


Mini Stock

1.    6    Waylon Flynn

2.    16   Randy Freeze

3.    24   A.J. Sanders

4.    48   Doug Setzer

5.    17   Tony Franklin

6.    33   Kris Kanupp

7.    27   Tyler Church

8.    2     Roy Maness

9.    11   Archie Sanders



Fast & Furious

1.    46   Jason Garwood

2.    55   Jackie Stone

3.   121  Stephen Shore

4.    5    Stephen Clippard

5.    22   Nikki Long

6.    33   Kenny Watts

7.    26   Angela Adair

8.    7     Kenny Nix

9.    24   Randy Truett

10.  7     Brandon Day

11.   0     Scotty Crocker

12.   17    Preston Hall


Tri-County Minis

1.     21    Drew Bagwell

2.     32    Jeff Banks

3.     95    Travis Cook

4.     3      Tim McRae

5.     10     Matt Sizemore

6.     6       Bethany Bagwell

7.     8       Tyler Baird





Current Point Standings



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